Oren Hydrocarbons was incorporated in 2001, with the objective of catering to the requirements of high quality specialized chemicals including mud chemicals used in oil exploration and Production Chemicals used in oil production.
Oren is a leading manufacturer and supplier of drilling fluids to the Global Hydrocarbon Exploration and Production Industry. Oren specializes in various drilling chemicals such as: Barite, Bentonite, Calcium Carbonate, Resinated Lignite, Silicate, CMC, PAC, Pre-gel starch and PAL-TROL AMD. Our manufacturing capabilities also includes of Production Chemicals in which we are manufacturing a wide range of high quality products, the complete range of Specialty Water & Oil Based Chemicals & Solvents, including Biocides, Corrosion Inhibitors, De-foamers, Emulsifiers, Scale Inhibitors, Scale Dissolvers, Hydrogen Sulphide Scavengers, Oxygen Scavengers, Paraffin Inhibitors, Paraffin Dispersants, Alphaltene Dispersants, PPD (Pour Point Depressant), and De-Oilers / Water Clarifiers.
Oren recognizes that it best serves its clients, not only by delivering drilling fluid products to the client's location, but by anticipating and planning for how those products would perform in the field – both to optimize drilling performance and to minimize the risk associated with fluid related problems.

We offer customized products for a client's specific application, which involves our expertise on fluid related issues. We also ensure an overall understanding of our client's requirements to contribute to the client's goals and optimize results. Oren applies its expertise in fluid planning and application to the Hydrocarbons Industry communicating to our clients our commitment to offer the Oren bouquet of products and services to achieve their drilling and environmental performance goals. Currently the company is focusing on meeting the needs of multinationals, operating in the oil field industry in various parts of the world while boasting its presence in UAE, Iraq, Egypt, North and Latin America.

We have a well-placed system of delivery, customer service and a professional sales team who are always ready to listen and deliver the customer requirements on time which enable us to maintain our market position for the past 20 years.