Weifang Orenyuan Chemical Co., Ltd.

"Weifang Orenyuan Chemical Co. Ltd" - A joint venture of "Oren Hydrocarbons Middle East Inc." and "Weifang Qiangyuan Chemical Industry Company Ltd" to create one of the biggest ventures for manufacturing Bromine based compounds and related products in China.

Manufacturing Facilities
• Located at Shandong province, China which has close proximity to Qingdao which is a major sea port.
• Current production capacity boasts of 3000 Mts per month.
• Situated on a massive 550,000 sq. ft. of land contains 25000 Sq. ft. of ultramodern office building and 180,000 sq. ft. of constructed facilities including production and storage blocks.
• It has separate warehouses and tanks equipped to store raw materials, consumables, packing materials and designated area for finished goods.
• Self-contained with loading bays and ramps for stuffing and de-stuffing of containers.

Products Manufactured
• Calcium/ Zinc/Ammonium /Sodium Bromide Factories with manufacturing capacity of 4,000MT/Month
• Calcium Chloride Powder /Flakes Factory with manufacturing capacity of 30,000MT/Month
• Highly innovative state of the art laboratory facilities